Marcels Presentation Viewer
An image based OpenGL presentation viewer.


  • loads .jpg or .png images
  • a few nice 3D transitions
  • zooming and paning
  • overview function and direct jump to slides
  • display of presentation time and progress is possible


screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3
Overview, transition, 3D object and zoom window feature.


MPresentationViewer is freeware.
Download windows binary, necessary DLLs and sample presentation (2.1 MB)

The source code is released under the GPL. .NET project file included. Tested with .NET, without video should compile without too many problems on Linux.
Download sources and necessary libraries (1.7 MB)


Written by Marcel Lancelle. This project started in 2002 and was written for my own presentations. Thanks to Sebastian Schuberth for 3D object loading framework and to all others providing free code or tools.