Avoiding Distortions in Dynamic Wide Angle Scenes with Panoramic Projections - paper1014

These WebGL demos allow to explore different settings and projections and to judge distortion of various scenes. Existing content is used and just remapped. However, the we used the same projections in applications for interactive rendering (executables not included in this submission).

Requirements for WebGL

You need a browser with WebGL support and Javascript enabled. It is tested in Windows with Firefox and Chrome. (Chrome might be faster, MacOS might not work.) After clicking the links below, loading may take a while, then you should see a panoramic image that moves. If it doesn't work, please refer to the 'troubleshooting' section below.


demo: rotating camera (no translation) (opens in new tab)

demo: moving camera (with translation) (opens in new tab)
Note, that the video files were strongly compressed to keep the file sizes reasonable.


Troubleshooting WebGL / Performance Problems


Your graphics driver/GPU may be blacklisted for usage of WebGL. You can enable it by typing about:config in the address bar and set webgl.force-enabled to true.


Maybe this helps?

Mac OS

I got reports that you may only see horizontal stripes. So then it doesn't work, sorry! Could you try on Windows?

Check if WebGL works

Do the examples with three.js work?